In the fourth part, from here to there, the physical process was finished.
The year has been full of changes for me. I have learned so many things
about my inner strength, how to deal with the sometimes depressing situation
and rapid changes, to appreciate the people I know and the special moments
we have.

I have seen how the emotional associations and physicality of a thing change
when we put it in a new place with a new context. This creates a unique new
voice that you can connect to.

The work itself was moved and installed to its new location in the sculpture
garden at the Kornelimünster Aachen (the official art collection of North

When we lifted the 3.5 ton-work, one could feel the strange sadness in the air.
After all of this time, a period had finished, and suddenly something beautiful

This moment of lifting the bunker upwards marked a transition. It was moved
from Neuss, where it had been standing in the studio’s backyard, waiting for
its moment, and it was arriving at a new place, and this was charging the
work and the site with a new idea.

Connecting, Sharing, Becoming

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