We are coming soon to the end of the year, a moment of change to the new
beginning, with new hope and points of view for the future.

For the outside observer of the bunker objects, seeing someone standing
inside arouses different questions about observation and being observed.
The interaction is very different when you experience it in different groups.
Alone, you feel a personal connection to it, this object that is not so much
bigger than you.

When standing inside the object you become the center, exploring the
surrounding, yourself within it, connecting with the work.

It somehow contains the memory of the past, unknown stories, lost moments.
Inside you can connect to other people that recorded themselves before you,
sharing their thoughts of the moment, and you can do the same for others.
You can really feel how different generations react with the work giving it new
content. It’s about sharing.

A moment a person that knows this object from its past, standing next to it,
remembering from a different time, touching it softly as is seeing an old friend,
or a child exploring it as a game.

Connecting, Sharing, Becoming

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