In the third part, we put the metal inside of the cut bunker lines.
This was an intensive four-day process with a lot of challenges and decisions
about what are we doing, why are we doing it, and the small things that
happen in between.

Many things changed during the process of working with the materials and
against it.
Collaborating with different people bringing their ideas for the work, sensitivity
and expertise of experienced handcrafters, to make the work happen in the
specific direction, bringing new thoughts and energy to it.

We had the impression that this object is a body that is weirdly squeezed with

About the squeezing:
There are two ways to read it. From one side, it is emphasizing an
uncontrollable situation that you want to run away from, being held against
your will, but at the same time, it means a hug, being in a safe place, being
held, so nothing will happen to you.

Have a wonderful week,
Connecting, Sharing, Becoming

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