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An inside struggle

For me, in our “new normality” with corona, every day is a new challenge.
One day it is safe; the next day, the opposite, and the effects I am facing are
constantly changing.

In the beginning, it shook me a lot: stress, heavy thoughts, confusion.
Last month I was in Berlin; I hadn’t been there for two years.

It felt great from one side: being in an open place, seeing friends, restaurants,
having a joyful moment, everything is normal! But at the same time, the minute I
entered a bus, standing with people that are almost stapled on top of each other,
trying to go and see places in time-slots, etc., was affecting my experience and
that reminded me of the whole mess we’re in.

The thing I learned, and it came very strong in the last two years, is that I can’t control my feelings – the emotions I feel – but I can give my thoughts and my actions a direction.

I am thinking a lot about being in the present moment and seeing how many
emotions are in this, what it means to be present, not being controlled by
outside voices…

For this, I am fixing on the one thing at the moment, on the good experience
I have or can have, focus on the purpose (and not the obstacles in the way)
and I am trying to cherish this moment. I found myself going back to my
center after this at times.

I would be happy if you could share a moment in which you overcame an

obstacle in the blog.

Have a wonderful weekend.
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