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COMING SOON – Talk No.4 – Conversation with Victor Mutelekesha, artist & founder of the African Lusaka Contemporary Art Centre in Zambia

In this talk with Victor we’ll discuss the changes that happened from his point of view about Zambian art in the past years, community collaborations, similarities and differences between European and African culture and art and life. We will talk about how is it to be located in two places between Zambia and Oslo, and how the Lusaka art center evolved to its point as a new voice for Zambian arts and culture.

The LuCAC contemporary Art Centre is dedicated to advancing Contemporary Art by Zambian artists and research into Zambian arts and culture.

If you would like to ask Victor a question about him or Lusaka, feel free to leave in the comments below in this page

Photo credits: Arne Samuelsen, Phillip Shabach Jere
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  1. Vera
    Vera says:

    I would like to know if the European Art scene and / or market is of any interest to the African artists, and in how far, or if the focus for the emerging African artist is more on the African art-context, market etc. (or, elsewhere?)?


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