Once upon a time, I was standing in the time of fall, seeing the beautiful
changes of the trees when the leaves were falling down. I always loved this
part of the year in Germany.

Every day I could see small changes, how the colors change from green to
yellow, red, and brown, reminding me of the changes of the season and the
circle of life.

One day a big storm came, I remember that suddenly a very fast dark cloud
approached, changing the atmosphere instantly. It started to rain strongly
and the wind was crazy. We are living in a house surrounded by trees and
everything was shaking.

Because of that, I felt scared for my family and friends, and all of the people
that were outside. It was my first big storm.

Finally, it became quiet. In the morning we went to the street, all the road
was filled with big branches of trees that fell down and on someone’s cars.
For three days nobody could enter the street by car. This determined the
perspective of things and the tempo of life. Actually, this slowdown helped
me to understand some things about my life.

I will be happy if you can share a moment from the last years when you felt
good with the transition of this changing mode we are in

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